Packing Tips

Let your Prestige Moving & Storage representative assist you by providing suggestions on the use of proper packing materials and containers. He or she also can provide helpful hints for protecting your goods. Here are our top 7 tips for packing before you get started.


  1. Items of high value should be packed in the presence of the carrier so that the items are identifiable. If you choose to have the carrier pack items of high value to ensure that they are properly protected, an additional charge will be associated for the service.
  2. Pack one room at a time; it will help when the time comes to unpack.
  3. Pack a couple of cartons a day, starting well ahead of the move.
  4. Mark all boxes on their side with room and its contents.
  5. Be sure to have plenty of “filling” material available; when in doubt, use more.
  6. Take extra care to make sure the bottoms of all cartons are secured and will hold the weight of the contents.
  7. Always pack heavier items toward the bottom of the box and lighter items toward the top. Try not to exceed a weight of 50 pounds per box; it makes moving them a lot easier.

Download our extensive Packing Tips for more suggestions on packing various household items.

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